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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


earth day openings of the gates

without going outside, i can see the whole world
tao te ching. by lao tsu

dear friends,

earthday 2005 was a milestone - culminating in the naming and initial release of open gates - as a vision kernel of an evolving framework for an information ecology operating system for a whole earth community that represents a deep shift from the metaphor of windows. for one can only look through a window, whereas open gates are an invitation to pass through and to venture deeper into the realms of an infinite universe.

a name that had been inspired by the amazing gates exhibit of christo and jeanne claude in new york's central park

the fifteenth anniversary of two very special earthday events i had been involved with: the launching of a global electronic network for the 1992 earth summit and the dedication of a fifth verse of the us national anthem at a sunrise interfaith service at fort mchenry, baltimore, beginning with the words "oh say can you see, by the one light in all."

six weeks later, information habitat: where information lives was conceived - at the caring for creation conference in washington, dc, held in preparation for the earth summit. in retrospect, i realize that this represented the joining of what have continued to be two major currents in my life - currents that correspond to the callings of my left and right brain respectively.

for much of these fifteen years, it had been the left brain side of me that tended to dominate, and while i continued to turn to the light for my inner guidance, i let myself be guided and it wsa only rarely that i let my other voice be heard, except among a very few close friends and family.

[note: this entry is still being edited and elaborated]

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